Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) this morning announced that one lucky Lotto player hit Wednesday night’s jackpot of $395 million.

At 7:11 pm, the lucky player purchased a ticket wager of $500 at Chong Lotto agency in Kingston, allowing the lottery terminal to make five Quick Pick selections, SVL said in a release.

The winning numbers for the Lotto Jackpot were: 02, 05, 10, 11, 27, and 39.

SVL noted that this is the highest Lotto Jackpot ever to be won in Jamaica.

This Lotto Jackpot roll attracted lots of excitement and publicity, as it climbed to a historic level over the past nine months, SVL added.

Brian George, President & CEO of SVL said: “We are ecstatic about the historic Jackpot achievement but even more so, that there is now a winner who will be able to realise all of his or her dreams, with the proceeds of the prize won. We also stress how important it is for a winner of this amount of new found wealth, to carefully plan how to spend this money wisely.”

George added, “We encourage all players to check their tickets carefully and come in to our Prize Payment Centre at Sagicor Building in New Kingston immediately, as this ticket is a very valuable piece of property that should not be left lying about.”

Just last Friday, someone who purchased a J$200 ticket in St Elizabeth won J$117,900,000 in the Super Lotto draw.

The new starting jackpot for Lotto Draw #1163 on May 30, 2015 is J$25,000,000.


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