Rapper Ludacris and his fiance Eudoxie just announced that they got MARRIED – OFFICIALLY!! Word is that the entire wedding was a SURPRISE – Luda and his mom chose the dress, the flowers, the location everything. All Eudoxie had to do was say “I Do” . . and take his last name.

The couple still don’t have their rings yet – but they got that PAPERWORK!!


Here is what TMZ is reporting:

“Luda popped the question to long time GF Eudoxie during the day … then took her out to dinner at a Georgia restaurant. When they returned home, a wedding dress was draped over a piece of furniture.

This was all a surprise to Eudoxie, but she was game so they got married on the spot. A few friends and family members were there to celebrate.

BTW … Luda’s mom picked out the dress, and Eudoxie had no objections.”


According to multiple sources, Ludacris and Eudoxie has a “surprise wedding” jusy before the New Year. TMZ claims that the wedding occurred on Christmas Eve – but they have their date WRONG – our snitch claims it happened on New Years Eve – after the couple returned from their Costa Rica vacation. (Ludacris proposed the day after Christmas).


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