Man accused of gas station robbery in St Elizabeth was beaten by residents after running to hide in an unfinished house.



“Oh god nuh true he tief unu did affi do him so me know unu affo wrk hard n buy things but oh god man is vanity he get a terrible death tho me feel it bad everybody fi get lock up itbnuh right fi him Tief n it still nuh right fi tek z law inna yall hands it rass wrong nuh care wat nobody say my god man”

“It hurt me bad fi not even one somebody could not cry out for this young man kill the youth out maybe something dat could a buy back or make. Call police man n me know some a unu ago seh a true a nuh me but if a did me i would a call 911 on his ass make dem deal with Tief wat wickedness on one person my god eye wata drop outta me eye star just fi know a him last dat no man”

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“Then a what him could a thief so but y’all didn’t of to take is life maybe he is in need or wants i couldn’t imagine myself doing this to someone me really feel it for him no matter what he theft he as no right to do so but does deserve such a death”

“The time dem tek a do a thief soo dem would a do the man dem soo way a kill off the young lady’s dem an kill the little school youths dem…… I give him no rite to thief but a must sumting y him thief Wat he thief’s nah did Ave to do soo bad…..”

“Can some one Plz tell me what this young man has done why the community is doing him like this “

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