A routine stop signal by a police officer at a check point on the Bogue main road in St James yesterday, almost proved to be fatal after a motorist disobeyed the stop signal and hit the officer in his attempts to escape.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are reporting that the motorist was shot and injured in his attempts to flea from the lawmen.

According to the Corporate Communication Unit (CCU), a police constable assigned to the St James Police Division was injured by the motorist, who is from Green Island, Hanover; and was subsequently shot and injured after he attempted to run over a second police officer with his motorcar.

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The driver was observed to be driving his green Toyota Corolla motorcar carelessly about 5:45 pm in the afternoon, and was signaled by the officer on duty.

After initiating a pursuit of the motorcar, the police eventually intercepted and apprehended the driver by setting up a roadblock along the Bogue main road. But not before he hit one of the officer with his car and proceeded to run over another, who fired off a shot – hitting the motorist.

Both the injured police and the perpetrator were taken to hospital where the constable was treated and admitted, while the motorist was admitted under police guard.

The motor car was not insured and its fitness was expired.


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