Man claims Konshens helped kill his brother – Yuh Neva Pull di trigger but yuh help push him inna it

After the tragic suicide death of his brother Delmark Spence, who went by stage name Delus, dancing artist Konshens is still in mourning. Persons, however, who appear to have been on the inner circle or possess knowledge of the relationship between the brothers have been lashing out against Konshens.

Claims have began to be laid against Konshens that he did not care for his brother whose career was taking a more lengthy time to take off than his own. Konshens have since dismissed said claims and proclaimed that he had always been by his brother’s side.

After his death, Konshens made a proclamation to his dead brother on his IG page in which he promised to take care of his brother’s daughter, Karissa.

Konshens have sinced removed posts that he made with and for his brother after his death from his instagram page and deleted a comment in which a follower further criticised him and accused him of helping to push his brother over the edge.


“Dis a the most big up anybody eva si yuh gi yuh bredda when yuh help kill him, Wen him did a walk road good yuh neva fawt pon him ca yuh too busy a hype up yuhself and a run dung stretch out cracthes whoring Latoya. Yuh Neva Pull di trigger but yuh help push him inna it ..

now yuh a use yuh bredda fi publicity. yuh cliam yuh winning when everyboyd pan yuh team a lose adem hungry. yuh bredda did a suffa not even a food money yuh gi him but him run road a promote fi yuh music when yuh a big fassyhole yah mek di man tun ova inna him grave caa yuh fake nuh bloodclaat batty bwoy it fi haunt yuh till yuh suck out dry a yuh conscience a ride yuh make yuh a gawn like yuh did rate him when yuh neva care when him did deh


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