A man died a short while ago after his car collided with a light post in Smithfield, Westmoreland.

He was the only passenger in the vehicle, which appears to have wrapped around the post on impact.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, which is the latest in a string of horror crashes on the nation’s roads.

A delivery man was decapitated during a motor vehicle accident along the Toll Gate main road in Clarendon earlier this week. Relatives have identified the dead man as 42-year-old Rexon Haffenden of Havana Heights in the parish.


Haffenden was driving his delivery truck along the main road towards May Pen, when a low bed trailer transporting a heavy duty vehicle, travelling in the opposite direction, got too close to the delivery truck. Eyewitnesses say that a sharp instrument, dangling from the heavy duty vehicle, sliced off the top of the cabin of the delivery truck and decapitated Haffenden.

A week earlier, there was a horrific accident in Hanover when a Toyota motor car, heading towards Hopewell, crashed into a tree. The driver and a passenger of the vehicle died on the spot.


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