Just last week an endangered species of dolphin died after beach-goers took it out of the sea to take a selfie with it.

Now footage has emerged of a shark who too has become the victim of  “selfie culture.” A man in Florida has been taped dragging a shark from the water to have his picture taken with it. In the footage, the shark is seen wriggling in the sea, just past the surf’s edge. A man pulls it further ashore as the shark struggles.

The man continues to struggle with the shark, dragging in onto the sandy beach until he gets the animal still enough to take a photo.

The man then strikes a pose with as a bunch of people scramble to take pictures…


After the man takes his photo with the shark, the footage ends with another beachgoer trying to set the struggling animal back into the surf – but it washes ashore again. WPTV reporter Ashleigh Walters, who posted the footage to her Facebook page said that the shark was later carried further out to sea but claims the shark “did not resurface for several minutes”

It’s not clear whether or not the shark survived.

This latest selfie animal stunt comes just days after a La Plata dolphin was taken from the sea for tourists to pose with it, an act that eventually killed the animal, sparking outrage.


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