According to a statement left by uploader on Jamaican Matey, a man was killed before his partner draw was due and allegedly was killed by his banker.

We’re awaiting more on this story to confirm if that statement is true. Below you can see the image and the statement.

Jamaicans Blast Beenie Man After Dissing Popcaan In Latest Song.

Big reds why you so wicked i am in your pardna and a same so you whoulda do to me you make your deporte man kill the poor taxi man before the pardna draw so wickedness cant stop i saw when john and your deportee man run tru the gully ackee walk no need unno we need the public to help we get unno out the other day me tell my cousin trace to stop mek unno draw him inna f**ry me not even think flour did know about this before unno do it but if he knows he is f**k up the man a run robot taxi and unno kill him for a pardna draw come on man and a nite time unno gone sleep a unno gated community foota need to go back to where he originate from i cant stand him everyday him walk pass me i feel sick.


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