Cruel druggie Jamie Dawn Lummus will spend the next six years behind bars for the outrageous neglect of her 93-year-old grandma Nola Moder, who was eaten by rats while she was alive!

As Granny Nola took her tragic last breath, the putrid air reeked of the feces and urine that filled her filthy house.

Lummus, 41, was hit with the sentence after trying to beat the rap by claiming she was so drug-addled from popping Xanax and hydrocodone pills, she forgot to care for Nola in her

But the autopsy showed the bed-bound senior died in agony from dehydration and malnutrition, her body covered with bedsores and wounds where rodents had feasted on her flesh.

When cops asked Lummus why her grandmother had died, she replied, “I didn’t show enough love.”

Deputy district attorney Rick Casper described the horrific death scene as “disturbing … tragic … horrific.

“She was essentially a prisoner in her own bed.”

When cops opened the door to the woman’s house, they were overpowered by the stench of urine.

Rodent feces covered the floors. The rugs were smeared with blood and urine stains. Piles of trash blocked the way to the bathroom.

Poor Nola was lying in soiled bedsheets. The autopsy found rats had gnawed on the feet of the helpless, old woman while she was still alive. After her death, the vermin began chewing her face, arms and hands.

Lummus’ attorney, Jamie Henry, noted his client had volunteered to take care of Nola when no one else would and had looked after her grandmother for eight years.

She claimed the neglect only came in the last weeks before Nola died when she began drugging herself into a daze and her memory lapsed.

But judge Tom Gregory wasn’t buying any excuses.

“In this case, we aren’t talking about a singular lapse in judgment, but rather neglect over time,” he said. “It was your job to take care of her.”


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