After a steamy online relationship, John decided to travel to Jamaica to meet his “online love.” They have been dating for 6 months after meeting on Facebook. They have exchanged photos and messages and John was sending his new found lover $150 USD each week.

A black American from Georgia became excited that he found his Jamaican Dream girl. He booked his ticket and booked a house in Montego Bay where the two would meet and stay for 4 days.

BREAKING: 68 Year Old Woman DEAD After Eating Fake/Plastic Rice

On day three he said a car pulled up with a man looking for Tamara. He asked who the guy was and the guy replied ”I am her man what you think?” John then punched the guy and they both started fighting. The man gave John several punches to the face and ran back to his car and sped off.

John had no idea another man was in Tamara’s life, better yet he was shocked at himself for hitting the man first but he admits he as just too angry.

He wants to plead to other men out there not to trust women online as he could have easily lost is life over this situation for someone he just met six months ago.


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