A flare up in gang violence early Monday morning has left a man dead and two others injured in a section of Jarrett Lane in East Kingston.

It’s reported that gunmen from Oliver Road invaded the area known as Spanish Town (not to be confused with the capital of the nearby parish of St. Catherine) about 2 o’clock. Peter White, 20, of Butts Crescent, was killed.

The circumstances surrounding the attacks are not yet known.

Last week armed thugs invaded Oliver Road, leaving one man dead.

It’s believed that the violence is the result of a gang feud between men form Oliver Road and Jarrett Lane.

Our news team visited the community later on Monday morning and spoke with residents.

A woman, who requested anonymity, said she was convinced that political representatives can stop the violence.

Nakia Malcolm, a resident of Jarrett Lane, who said he was grazed by a bullet recently, expressed frustration with the situation.

The police are now in the area trying to reassure residents and find the perpetrators behind the violence.


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