Dancehall’s newest power couple Marvin the Beast and DHQ Nickeisha have ignited social media with their latest video post showing the couple taking what appears to be a romantic bathe together, while capturing it all on camera.

The video has already gathered thousands of views since it was upload by Marvin, and various other social media pages. And has compelled viewers to weigh in on the couple’s newly found love life.

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“Wish I had money to offer you 2 a deal to do a X-RATED movie lol.. mi can only imagine fuh now what that f*ck wouldda be like dwl..” one user expressed.

While another confused user went on to say “Who takes a bath with a wig and makeup on. I HATE people like that”

Since professing their love for each other publicly, both Marvin and Nickeisha have come under heavy criticism, and their relationship was even rumored to be the primary factor in the ending of a long friendship between the female dance group comprised of Int’l DHQ Sher, Renee Six Thirty and Nickeisha herself.


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