Over the past weeks, Marvin & Nickeisha stirred up controversy with their breakup drama on Instagram and in the end looking like two big fools.

They both made it clear that they ended their relationship relaying no good reason as to why until we dug and found out Marvin cheated on her with a stripper named New York.

15 Year Old Boy Chops Off His Mother’s Hand Because “She Took Away His ……….”

Marvin & New York drama is for another day, Back to the topic, New York told Marvin that he should go back home to his “Wife” Nickeshia and sort out things and with open arms Nickesiha put aside the fact that Marvin clowned her for weeks and continuously uploading photos with multiple women obviously stating that Nickeisha is a thing of the past.

Now people, please to tell me why these two poppyshows nuh guh sidung and cum out a di spotlight ??? .. Leave all comments below.


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