The longtime beef with Facebook Hero and Marvin The Beast is far from over.

The internet comedian and controversial dancer reignited their feud last week after the Hero started to troll Marvin over his current relationship drama with ex-girlfriend DHQ Nickeisha and his new bae New York.

On Sunday, Marvin hit back at Facebook Hero and uploaded a video clowning him for saying he doesn’t sleep with men anymore.

“People before everyone watch this video…My birthday is August.4 So I am a Leo right?@world_dawg ☝when the lion is sleeping please do not wake him????????????? #Confession confession confession confession confession confession confession #marvinthebeast #beast,” he wrote.

Now turns out Facebook Hero has a big secret for Marvin which he plans on dropping tonight. The alleged video will be posted around 8:00pm and according to him it will end Marvin’s career. What do you think it is?


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