Marvin the dancer BRUTALLY Beats Wife! [MUST SEE IMAGE]

So Marvin’s Sister-in law is at it again, she recently took to her Instagram to put Marvin on blast for his abusive ways towards her sister. Some people are saying why is this just now being brought to the surface because it wasn’t the first time has has put his hand on her


“GM ppl….Marvin is a mysogonist therefore I am not surprised. Wasnt it him and his dancer friends who chased down the lady and put a bucket over her head and tore off her clothing????? Mi affi wonda how him babymadda, the docta lady, did dey so wid him….anywho if someone did this to my sis the police and immigration would have this pic and not social media.”

“A bwoy try that with mi sister/daughter mi naw ask nuh bc question especially from someone like him who is not hard to find…..”

“Somebody commented unda one post seh Marvin beat Nikiesha afta Nipple Tuesday”

“I applaud and commend the sis on exposing This narcissistic pig! Marvin I don’t know u personally but I hate every bone in u. I really hope they take it to court and they revoke your green card! Man like u need fi get taught a lesson and stop using ppl and being disrespectful. U wan use the girl and cheat right under her nose plus beat her on top of it u bright !!!!!”

“Blood naught!!! So hold on deh.. a when dis happen? Recently?”


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