Like any other father on father’s day, Dancehall artist Mavado has proudly posted pictures with his son. However, his baby mother had quite the opposite sentiments to share. She was quite

outraged as she classified him in the same category as that of dead beat dad’s, who didn’t play and active role in their child’s life but wanted to take part in the joy of their success and what it means to be a father.



She mentioned that the entertainer did not play an active role in the child’s life for the rest of the year; he had never attended a graduation service for the child, and as such should not be putting up pictures from his graduation ceremony.

The ‘Gully Gad’s’ baby mother made it clear that he has not been a apart of the smallest things in his child’s life, such as calling to find out how he is doing in school, so now he should not be calling in order for the child to tell wish him a happy father’s day. Mavado has not replied to the comments made about his apparent unwillingness to be a parent to his son.


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