When it comes to friendships, your boy Money Mayweather spares no expenses – not a single one. Yup, if you know one thing about Floyd, it’s that money is never a problem, and he has no problem droppin’ stacks on the regular. Well, recently, Floyd has gone above and beyond in sparing no expense for his friend, Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics, with the purchase of a brand new $200,000 Bentley


Mmhmm, while y’all are out there beggin’ your friends for a birthday car, Floyd is out here buying Bentleys for his boys. Apparently, the two met five years ago, and have been cool ever since. According to Thomas:

“He’s given me a few gifts before, nice ones, but that one was unbelievable. It had everyone in the NBA talking. Every team we played after that, guys would come up to me (and ask), ‘Where’s the Bentley, does Floyd got something good for me?’ It surprised everybody.”


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