Jamaica’s newest dancehall sensation, 18 year old Mink Jo, is set to release her debut LP Boy Girl Love with Kingston based label Brand New Machine under the international distribution of DubShot Records from New York City. The young starlet burst onto the dancehall scene this year with a flurry of songs including the hit single “No Friend Zone” (feat Konshens).

Under the careful watch of her management team Farenheit and Steve Wilson and producer Dre Day, she has risen to prominence within the international dancehall scene. This debut release gives listeners a glimpse into the tremendous talent that is Mink Jo, young and playful, edgy and smart, and a voice and style that is fresh and captivating.


After her discovery by dancehall impresario Farenheit in 2014, Mink began a journey of creative exploration and collaboration that has been bearing incredible fruits. Dancehall superstar Sean Paul recognized her talents early on, and featured Mink Jo on his instrumental production of the Full Speed Riddim.

This collaboration resulted in a subsequent tour through Jamaica where the multi-platinum grammy award winning artist introduced her to his fans around the country. A video for her song “Roll Up” on the Full Speed Riddim has been done, and will be accessible to fans near the ending of this summer.

Other dancehall superstars have also recognized Mink Jo’s talent and are featured on this debut, including: Busy Signal, Konshens, LeftSide, and Syon. In addition to Sean Paul, other prominent producers include Dre Day, Jam2, Justus from JA Productions, and European DJ Rico Bernasconi.

As Mink Jo first broke onto the scene internationally in early 2015, there was some controversy that surrounded her debut single. With a similar cadence to Rihanna, many mistook the young singer for the pop star from Barbados. Mink Jo and her team did not shy away from this comparison, and in fact embrace it as a compliment.

However, Mink Jo is not a Rihanna knock off; she has a unique style and vocal ability that differentiates her in many ways from other pop stars. Boy.Girl. Love is a fresh and fun pop Dancehall record that will introduce the world to a tremendous new artist.


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