For all who never knew. Meet Waynette man. Yup Peter Philips. She is the side chick according to reports.

Apparently he’s been showering her or I should say powering her with the 100s of thousands, reports are that he bought her a new car, gave her a shoes business, paid her tuition fee and all the Fancy Movado watches and hotel vacations.

Kris Jenner Wants To Buy “Dream Kardashian” For £4 Million — [Must Read]

Online Comments

Me na knock r hustle tho cause outta all a d IG hoes dem she a put r money to use. She know say a nuh every day it ago rain suh she make sure a send r self go school and invest In a one likkle business.

Waynette u must stop it u can’t a cow dung ppl fi vote fi PNP because it a put bread in Ina ur pocket. Since u par wid rush u need to teach r a lesson or two about putting men money to use.


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