Meet The New Jamaican Males Who Were Once Females

Jamaican-born females returned home from the United Kingdom to reveal their new identities as transgender men to their families.

It was documented in an expose by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Both left “homophobic” Jamaica to live in the UK but felt the need to chronicle their return.

“Steffan Zachiyah and Romario Wanliss were both born girls in Jamaica; never felt female and made transition to be males after moving to UK. [They] didn’t tell their relatives back home for years as they feared their reaction,” stated the report which followed their journey. Trans and gay people in the country have few rights,” the article said, claiming that sex between two men is punishable with up to 10 years in prison on the island.

Zachiyah started his transition as a man in 2014, at the age of 25, after moving to the UK.

“He has started hormone treatment and is on a waiting list for surgery,” stated the report. “However, he had not yet told all his family back in Jamaica about his transition as he feared how they would react. On previous visits to his home country he had made an effort to look more feminine but this year he decided it was time to tell the truth.”

Wanlis, who is in his 20s, met up with his sister, father and step-mother in Jamaica, all of whom accepted his new identity, albeit with reservations.

“One of my main concerns about meeting my Pops is that he will get a bit violent because that is the man I know. I am concerned if he will even meet up or not,” Wanlis is reported to have said.

His sister accepted, but referenced the Bible, while his father said that he would continue loving his new son.

An increasing number of international news teams are keen to chronicle the struggles of gay youth in Jamaica, described as one of the most homophobic places in the world.


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