A Florida teen by the name of Kit Darrant has taken Weekend At Bernie’s to the extreme this week as he has plead guilty to the 2012 murder of his mother, Renette Emile.

According to Local 10, Darrant, who was just 16 at the time, strangled and stabbed his mother over 100 times with a butcher knife after they got into a heated argument.

Police officials do claim that the boy has struggled with mental illness, citing one incident where he jumped out of a moving car and encouraged oncoming traffic to run him over.


The Miami Herald states, “Police say Darrant covered her body up with sheets and sprinkled laundry detergent over it to cover the smell as he cared for his younger brother, skipped school and partied.” 

Darrant now faces 28 years in prison. We keep this family in our prayers. Let’s chat below!


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