Several black activists have accused Michael Jordan of not doing enough for the black community complaining that even his shoes are too expensive for most black youths, a charge Jordan has answered himself by saying, “I make shoes for white suburban kids, not the poor black kids. That would be like opening a restaurant for people without stomachs.”


Jordan did state that he and his friend Larry Bird had originally designed a shoe made for blacks called Air Birds which featured a silhouette of the Great White Hope displaying strong fundamentals. However, the shoes proved to be disastrously unpopular with black youths as many complained about the shoes smelling “like dookie,” most likely due to the fact that the shoes were largely composed of discarded potato skins and horse dung.

“It was a cost preventive measure on part of the company. How were we to know that black kids wouldn’t want to wear shoes with an emblem of a tall white man throwing an effective dribble pass which may or may not have smelled like compost? It smelled like a farm because it was the Air Bird. The man grew up on a farm or something like that,” said Jordan.

Jordan continued by stating, “I don’t want to hear any complaining about can or can’t afford what. There isn’t any Phillipinos or Indonesians that are going to be wearing Jordans anytime soon and they’re making them for five cents an hour.” My Air Jordan’s are the new Blood Diamonds.”

Standing in line for Jordan’s is a big deal these days as seen in the Video Below..”I Sure Did”


    • Do get me wrong what Jordan said is fucked up. But when u look at timberland. They wasn’t made for the Black man either but does that stop us from spending g that $120.00- $200.00, no cuz we want them and that’s it. Don’t put the black man down for coming up with a gd plan, or a better yet ,a gd answer for looking tawards his pocket and not the people who really got him where he is today. DON’T GET ME TWISTED I AM FOR HIM DO THE BLACK COMMUNITY IN MIND BUT WE KNOW THAT WILL NEVER B. TY

  1. Here is a man who has lost contact with humanity. What an effective tool for the destruction of one’s soul; the love of money.

  2. Well first we need to know if this is true. Is there a video or voice recording? Is there an actual article in a legitimate publication (and not a gossip website)? When was this and where are the references to support the claims? I can’t just believe everything I see on the Internet without proof becsuse it may or may not be the truth. People will always quickly believe the negative and retaliate.


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