Reports that the engagement is officially back on is no surprise, though — we previously told you that marriage is totally in the cards this year. “She wants Liam back in her life full time,” an insider told said. ”She’d love for 2016 to be the year they get married. She’s been slowly working toward that for months.” And we know the “We Can’t Stop” singer is anything but traditional, so don’t be surprised if it was actually her who proposed this time around!

“She always hope that one day she and Liam would get back together,” an insider told Life & Style, adding that the 23-year-old has kept the gorgeous engagement ring her on-off love gave her back in 2012, even though they announced in Sept. 2013 that the relationship was over. That’s clearly not the case anymore, though — Miley was seen hanging out with her man in Australia over New Year’s, and witnesses evensaw them “kissing and cuddling” at a music festival!

“They’re already talking about a wedding,” the mag’s source said. “Miley says she can’t wait to be Mrs. Hemsworth and wants to get married as soon as possible, maybe this spring. She’s saying she wants the biggest wedding ever.” Fans were totally caught off-guard when these two were spotted together, but, according to multiple reports, the romance has actually been back on for quite some time.



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