Ouch! That looks painful. REALLY painful.

[sociallocker]Miley Cyrus, Instagram[/sociallocker]

Miley Cyrus recently underwent surgery to remove a cyst from the inside her wrist and the operation was performed on Friday. It was a scheduled outpatient procedure, a said, “She’s doing fine.”
The 22-year-old pop star is maintaining her sense of humor about it: She had on Friday posted on her Instagram a photo of herself wearing what appears to be a hospital gown, which she deemed to be “sooooo hipster,” as well as extremely graphic photos of a surgical procedure.

She also shared several photoshopped versions of what looks like her wrist (characterized by what appears to be her “Wukong” tattoo) with a wound showing raw flesh and held open with surgical instruments. It is unclear if the pics are authentic or who took them.

Here is a censored version of one of them.

[sociallocker]Miley Cyrus, Instagram[/sociallocker]


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