Considering how risqué some of Miley Cyrus‘ outfits have been in the last several months, it’s hard to imagine that she’d tone down her racy antics in the near future. Her former fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, wasn’t a huge fan of Miley’s crazy style, so now that they have been spotted together again for the first time in two years, Miley might just be calming down after all — for Liam!

“Miley never stopped loving Liam. He’s the one guy that she almost married. Her heart never stopped beating for him. She’s come to her senses and realizes that he’s a good man and she really doesn’t want to lose him,” a source revealed. “They’re taking things slow and Miley has even told him she’s going to tone down her raciness. She’s reached her plateau of shock value and is sort of over being over-the-top. She knows Liam wasn’t too fond of her antics and she’s going to attempt to tone that down while they’re rekindling.”

Despite the outrageousness of Miley’s tour with her Dead Petz just before the holidays — everything from smoking weed to wearing a fake penis on stage — Miley seemed to have reconnected with Liam as 2016 began. After nearly two years apart, the two were reportedly spotted together in Liam’s home country of Australia getting cozy at the Byron Bay Falls Music Festival on Jan. 3. One witness even said they were kissing!

Miley may not instantly change her racy persona, though, as another insider told us that Miley and Liam are still “treading water” and “taking things step by step.” But Miley is apparently ready to reunite with her “one true love,” so as things heat up between these two again, we might just be seeing a new version of Miley in the new year!


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