Former Veteran Dancehall artiste and Queen Of Dancehall Lady Saw is no more, this after the now “servant of the lord” took to Instagram on Christmas day to make the announcement that she’s now officially Minister Marion Hall, saying goodbye to her raunchy moniker.

In a message to her fans, friends, family, church brothers and sisters, Minister Hall said “New accounts ! God bless u all .. @ministermarionhall IG .. Still working on my Facebook and Twitter Page but it will be -@MinisterMarion someone already have MinisterHall on Twitter so we goin with MinisterMarion.. good night.”

minister-marion-hall-i-had-jesusThe recently baptised Minister Marion Hall, also shared a photo of Jamaican gospel singer Carlene Davis with her husband Tommy Cowan saying, “This is how a husband and wife looks when God has bless their marriage.”

Fans of the Minister, quickly commented saying

“It ran across my mind that you soon married. Have a awesome Christmas and welcome to the emmanuel family”

“Saw u need fi find a husband now”

“That’s so true, when a union is knitted together by the Holy Spirit, the glory of God is projected from them. And sis as it relates to that last comment about husband don’t worry about it, in God’s perfect timing it’ll happen, he knows the desires of your heart, may his perfect will be done in your life my love bug.”


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