Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contestant, Shemdon, is demanding a public apology from Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett, claiming that their public spat overshadowed his performance on the show last Saturday night.

According to Shemdon, the judges’ comments are very important to the contestants as it relates to winning over voters. However, instead of focusing on his performance, the judge and host decided to argue with each other, stealing his spotlight.

“I think I deserve my fair time like the other contestants and an apology. People vote based on what the judges say and I didn’t get a comment. They looked pass my performance and went right into conflict onstage. If I drop out this week, it will be so unfair,” he said, seemingly worried.

Shemdon says he has already noticed the negative effects of the ‘Kitty vs Curvy Diva’ battle on the voting public. His sentiment was also shared by Dutty Berry, who, in his recent podcast, stated that the mix-up between the host and judge was so sweet he forgot the name of the contestant.

“The people in the streets have forgotten the artistes. All they remember is that Kitty dem did a cuss. That is all I am hearing. The clips I see online don’t have my performance in it, it’s all about the argument. It don’t look good,” Shemdon said.


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