A social media post by raunchy female Jamaican dancehall DJ, Ishawna, has drawn the ire of a wide cross-section of Jamaicans and the country’s diaspora. Reason for this is Ishawna’s disrespectful reference to one of the country’s leading cultural icons, the Honorable Louise Bennett-Coverley.

Ishawna posted a photograph of herself wearing a two-piece bathing suit, with the caption “Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou” while using the hashtag #RipMissLou.

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Since then people from all over has been on I-Shawna case daily with likes of Bella Blair, Ragashanti and other persons from the entertainment industry.

We have found another viral video of a lady who is suppose to be the reincarnated version of Ms. Lou putting I-Shawna in her place.


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