Details surrounding the incidents are still developing, but we’re being told that 17-year-old Markeice Brown is believed to have committed SUICIDE yesterday – just a few days after his girlfriend Mercedes is believed to have committed suicide.

Markeice said they both didn’t get the support they needed. He was reportedly blamed for her death and harassed online. He said he wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral so he would go to her instead. On Saturday, April 22, he ended his life.

Among words expressing his grief and sadness over the death of his girlfriend, Markeice also shared in his suicide note that Mercedes was pregnant with his baby.




“I just lost my girlfriend and my kid she thought everyone was going to bash her like her Friends did that baby brought us so much joy she told me she was pregnant on my birthday I was happy but I also was lost for words mercedes asked countless ppl for help that’s why i tried to be the best boyfriend ever…”

Markeice also shared in his note that he had previously talked Mercedes out of ending her life, but if she chose to do so in the future, they discussed “going out together.”

“I messed up once and took someone on a date but that’s all i did I apologized about and I did whatever I had to do to make it up mercedes had my passwords fingerprint on my phone Allat I was very open with her , but we always told Eachother how we hated life and everything in it but I always talked her out of it well we would always say we was going out together so that’s where I’m headed…”

At the end of his post, he wrote that her family wouldn’t allow him to go to her funeral, so he made the decision to “go see her” himself.



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