Mother almost drowns baby posing for picture in a river. A photo of a mother posing for a picture in a river has gone viral on social media but it isn’t the sexually provocation of the poses by the women that has drawn the public’s attention.

The mother seem to have unknowingly lowered the baby into the water as she posed for a picture with another female companion.

The photo caused quite an outrage as it was shared by thousands of Facebookers who criticized the mother.



“What a world we living in I’m sorry for some the growing up today..”

“The woman is not even pay attention to what she’s doing, I hope that baby didn’t drown… Some woman are so careless they shouldn’t even be blessed with a child.”

“U c how dem careless tho smfh”

“So di baby fi drown suh dem can show up dem shitty ass. Smaddy shoulda puck a switch and give her a real assin.”


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