A horrible and heartbreaking story has come out of the town of Trenton, New Jersey, where a young mother killed her two week old son and then shipped the baby’s body to the father who she referred to as a deadbeat dad.

Police reports show that 23 year old Shaheed Jackson ended the relationship that he had with the infant’s mother 22 year old Kamila Logan, and moved out of the residence after the baby was born.

This is the third baby for Logan, she also has a 2 year old and a 3 year old. Jackson moved out after being attacked and cut with a knife by Logan in the middle of the night, because he did not wake up at 2 am when the infant started crying. After the attack the father went to an aunt’s house to stay, and he did not want to report the attack or get the police involved in the domestic dispute.

When Logan kept calling Jackson repeatedly he finally changed his phone number, but he told the media that he is not a deadbeat dad and that he wishes he would have taken his son with him when he left the residence. When Logan could not reach her child’s daddy she became enraged. Poor little 2 week old Sameer Jackson ended up paying the price for the argument between his parents.

According to a signed confession that the mother signed for police she claimed that she was sleep deprived. Logan told police that the baby woke up at 3 am and started crying but she ignored the infant for around 45 minutes. Logan said she finally could not take it anymore, so she placed a pillow over the 2 week old’s face until he stopped crying.

After the mom realized that the little boy was dead she wrapped him in a blanket, placed him in a cardboard box, and sealed the box up with packing tape. The next morning Logan took the box to the post office and mailed it to little Sameer’s dad. Logan said she wanted to teach Jackson that “Nobody messes with me. Nobody.” CPS has taken custody of the two other children, and Logan is being held in jail without bail.


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