Relatives of the victims in the March Pen massacre, which unfolded last Sunday in an area of St Catherine called Africa, are expressing mixed feelings after news broke that the alleged perpetrator is in custody.

Marvin ‘Fat Man’ Campbell, who was wanted for incest and listed as a person of interest following the March Pen massacre, was handed over to members of the High Command at the Office of the Commissioner of Police by Bishop Rohan Edwards.

Up to press time last night, he was not charged.

When THE STAR visited the community yesterday afternoon, residents gathered in the yard where the onslaught occurred, consoling relatives who lost loved ones.
Jennifer McDonald, whose daughter, Veneisha Bartley, 22, was killed, told our news team that she hopes that on Campbell’s first court appearance he pleads not guilty.
“Although him guilty, mi a pray dem find him not guilty and send him out. The Bible says do unto others as you like dem to do unto you. Mi nuh want dem shot him. Mi want him fi a burn seven nights and seven days before him dead,” she said.

Marvin Campbell Jr, 14, the son of Marvin Campbell, was among the five persons who were shot and burnt to death on Sunday.
The other victims are two-year-old Koyandra Wynter, nine-year-old Revaughn Evans, 24-year-old Salesha Evans, and Veneisha Bartley.
THE STAR gathered that a seven-year-old girl was called out of the house before disaster struck.

Residents also told THE STAR that they were in fear because Marvin Campbell is known to disguise himself.
“We start a fret because we know him is a man weh put on wig and frock. Mi tell my son say any fat woman him see weh him nuh know, him fi run cause we know a him that,” a resident said.

Jennifer’s sister, Sonia McDonald, who has four children with Campbell, including Marvin Campbell Jr, told THE STAR that she wants the accused to turn his life around.
“Me lose my daughter, son, grandson and two dogs. My sister lose her daughter and granddaughter. Me put down a piece of prayer this morning and God answer it so quick so fast,” she said.

“Dem have him. Mi want God just change him heart, change him mind, then send him out go do some godly works. Change some hearts like fi him own weh a walk a kill baby. Mi nuh want him dead, mi want him have a testimony him and him colleagues dem.”

According to Sonia, Campbell threatened her more than a month ago after he was reported for incest.

“A me him come fi kill, cause a me him threaten. Him say mi carry him name go a jail and make sure mi can finish weh mi start. Me put him aside, mi nuh pay him nuh mind. Him say make sure when me see him, me see him before him see me and mi can run,” she told THE STAR.
The St Catherine North police have imposed a curfew on sections of the division as they seek to bring a halt to the violence.


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