There seems to be quite some ‘views’ about Dakes recently released album Views and Mr Vegas was not hesitant to speak about his. Address mainly that Drake under-credited dancehall despite featuring with dancehall artistes.

Mr. Vegas DISSES Drake for Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit [WATCH VIDEO]


Popcaan didn’t hesitate to respond to Mr. Vegas’s opinion, see video below:

And as expected Mr. Vegas had to address him. See video below:

We here at Paparazzi Jamaica believes in saving the Dancehall genre and not allowing other artist to make a profit from our culture and not at least show some credit towards it.

Popcaan is young and still has a lot to learn, he may being getting used and does not know. His stupidity may cost us and lead many others in destroying Dancehall more than it already is.

As Mr. Vegas said, many have already tried to steal our genre and turn it into there own, ‘Tropical House’ which is a Dancehall spin off type of genre.

We should unite and save our genre, I agree with Mr. Vegas, save DANCEHALL before it’s too late.

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