Miss Kitty and fellow media personality Yanique Barrett have reportedly been ordered by the principals of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall show to apologise to viewers for their verbal spat during Saturday night’s live broadcast of the show.

Loop News understands that the decision was made during a high level meeting on Tuesday – including executive producer Mark Kenny, sponsors and other stakeholders – to determine what action to take against the two self-proclaimed ‘divas’.

“Both parties have to apologise on live television this Saturday,” a source close to the show’s management team told Loop News.

The verbal fisticuffs on air temporarily halted the show and the stage manager, media personality Sanjay, was forced to come onstage to instruct Yanique Barrett to continue the show, and discontinue the conversation with Miss Kitty.

The ‘longstanding beef’ is reportedly over the use of the “diva” label. Miss Kitty is the ‘Fluffy Diva’ while Yanique calls herself the ‘Curvy Diva’.

The incident has dominated social media since Saturday with fans weighing in to support or upbraid the parties involved.

Media outlets reported early this morning, April 6th, Ms. Kitty made a statement that she won’t apologize to no “GYAL” and expectedly Yanique replied.

“Di gyal Kitty can keep har apology cuz obviously she was the one who claimed it was an “manufactured beef” but after hearing the voice recording of kartel dissing me i knew she was fake and a liar”

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