“Postpone all funeral and nine-night. No dead to me situation!,” ordered the self-proclaimed Gangsta Ras, Munga Honourable, after rumours went flying that he had died after he was attacked and chopped several times last Friday night.

He had to get 34 stitches because of the chopping.

The Bad From Mi Born singer, real name Damian Rhoden, had a hearty laugh with THE STARnews team regarding the death rumours.

“It was a hilarious day fi me! social media pronounced me dead! Me all get time and place of deceased. Bwoy it bad, but wha me can say is that’s promo you can’t pay for. So, we ago ride it like a scooter, ride it like a surf board, ride it like a big bike, we just ago ride it,” proclaimed Munga.

Individual approached

According to the Flippin Rhymes hitmaker, he was sitting with his back turned to the road in his community, Jackson Town, St Andrew, ‘chilling’ and working on a mix tape with friends when an individual approached from behind and chopped him on his shoulder. He said he was rushed to a doctor.

The St Mary-born singer admitted he didn’t see his attacker, but his friends claimed it was a man with whom Munga said he has no beef.


“We nuh have no altercation, no problems. Apparently, dem say him head nah function properly. That is the only explanation me have right now. Him musically inclined, but a weh you say now? Music a mad him?,” the singer joked.

Despite the gaping wound inflicted on his shoulder, the I Came To Take My Place singer said he will not retaliate, but is pursuing a positive approach.

“My mom says light over darkness. Me close brethren send me a message with my favourite song that I wrote tattooed on his chest as an inspiration to me, and him say, ‘don’t fight fire with fire, don’t fight darkness with darkness,’ so revenge is not my forte. Me nah encourage none a me fans or anyone to seek revenge. Positive movements,” he said.

bad situation

Although the artiste is unsure of how his wound will affect his performance, he is determined to make the best of a bad situation.

“It’s so ironical that the CD I was working on at the time contains 34 songs, and I got 34 stitches, while making it so me ago mek something inaugural outa this! My PR has suggested I do another prayer and this looks like the opportune moment so let’s do it!.’ the artiste beamed.

In addition, the Not At All singer said fans should check out his Extended Play (EP) entitled ‘Excuse Me’ and his new single, Push Dem Outa My Way. He also noted that he will soon be signed to Justus Harrison’s Ja Records.

As for those who have questioned whether the artiste can rightfully claim to be a ‘Gangsta Ras’ following his ordeal, Munga said: “The son of Karen Hamilton is himself and will always be Damian Rhoden, Munga Honourable, Gangsta Ras”.


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