Paparazzi Jamaica just received a TIP about an incident which happened last night, August 28th, which included the popular Dancehall entertainer Munga Honourable.

It’s stated that “Munga Honourable was at a event last night but due to unscrupulous people which envied him for his stature, he was attacked and was chopped up“.


The popular Dancehall star Munga is currently in the hospital in critical condition. We are hoping for his speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Munga Honourable is not DEAD, the Dancehall entertainer received 30 stitches at KPH this morning. It was said he should be released from the hospital later today or tomorrow.

Reports are spirally on all social media platforms that Dancehall artiste Munga Honourable is dead but those are all false. The entertainer is recovery from the injuries he suffered earlier today.

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Dancehall reggae artiste Munga Honourable born Damian Rhoden in Islington, St. Mary, Jamaica. He is also known as the “The Gangsta Ras” and “Wanted Man”.

2005 was the big year for Munga, after teaming up top producer Don Corleon, his career took off. spitting out hits such as “Bad Like I”, “Flippin Rhymez”, “In My Arms”, “Earthquate”, “Bad From Me Born among many others.

Based on the limited information we received we could not provide a much more detailed report but if you or anyone who has ANY type of information regarding to the report please don’t hesitate to email us or you can just use our Contact Us form.

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