***Now this young man was being gay for pay..a battyman pick him up and did a mine him..not him gone to a woman…video coming after this dem too nasty man..all di girl she smh***…Him tell di girl him neva know di man whey him did deh wid 5 years was a man..him did confuse bout di hole him did a go ina

have done nothing but make sure Prezzi has everything that he needs, he does not work he does nothing but smoke weed, drink liquor, listen to music, go out and that’s it. When i met Prezzi he was a sex worker, having sex for money, to be honest, that was the reason i even met him, just for a link up, but after meeting him, you could say i kinda fell for him, so i picked him up, brushed him off and started a relationship.

When we met he didn’t even have a good pair of underpants to his name… the Prezzi you see today is a product of my care and love. I made him what he is today. Despite that, he gave me a sense of someone straight who just got caught up in something and just decided to settle with one guy knowing he’s bisexual.

 We started to have arguments about him going around f**king, but the funniest part is, these weren’t girls these were other men. F**king men for $3,000, $4,000 even $1,500. and I am the one doing all that’s need just to make sure that he has everything and when i say everything i mean everything that he wants.


I devoted myself to him in every way, but over the period of four years, he has just proven that he will never be better than a sex worker for the rest of his life. He is very manipulative, he knows what to say, when to cry and what to do to get people to feel sorry for him, He says I’ve ruined his life and he wants to get out of ”this life” when hes the one going around f**king 90% of the gay population in Kingston and surrounding areas, caught sexually transmitted infections on more than one occasion, from men and have made it known by his actions that he’s gay.. how am I to take responsibility for ruining his life?


I can’t. He has done that himself….. it is really insulting to know that people can accuse me of trying to ruin his life, but why would i do that when after he has done me so much wrong, i am still the one wanting him to come where he is safe and to prevent him from going into any more trauma… I will never take responsibility for it, and before he or anyone else tries to pin the blame on me… look into the circumstances and let him know that he is the one that has caused it on himself… How can you want to get yourself out of a situation and time after time put yourself back into the same position… to be frank… judging from his actions….


he wants the world to know that he is gay, a battyman, a sexworker, so whoever went ahead and assisted him in publicizing his true identity, i applaud you… seems they did him a favor… Whatever is happening he put himself in the position for it to happen, all i can say now is that i hope God has mercy on him





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