Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ and Marlon Samuels have been in the drama spotlight since last week and there fans and foes have a lot of generated thoughts and opinion on both.

While some takes sides some blames both. “No one knew when they were together, why does the world have to know now that they have separated,” said one person.

Yanique To Marlon Samuels “Mi Sidung Inna Yuh Face For A Whole Week!”

Since Ishawna recently released her song InstaBoy Marlon Samuels have been in the spotlight. “He was almost a nobody, no one cared. Ishawna hype him up.” “He’s so narcissistic and annoying,” said another.

Yanique is not far from the bashing either as her fans become annoyed too. “First she bawl out say dem neva have sex, all of a sudden she si dung inna him face, she too lie.” Another fan said “when is she going to stop mek herself look like ediat? She threaten him with picture of lawyer but where is her cease and desist notice like what Marlon had posted?”

Fans are growing weary of the back and forth bickering between the two, saying its all childish behavior for two grown people.

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