Business and pleasure don’t always mix. Nas, 43, has high hopes that he and Nicki Minaj, 34, can take their romance to the next level by joining forces inside the recording studio, but she isn’t completely on board. “For now, she wants to keep their love life and professional life separate,” a source says EXCLUSIVELY.

Don’t worry though, their dynamic isn’t nearly as serious as it sounds. “Their situation is actually pretty cute right now because Nas is trying to break down those walls and change her mind by using fun, creative tactics.”Nicki Minaj and Nas

So, what exactly does the “NY State Of Mind” rapper have up his sleeve? He’s using every opportunity available to make his musical wishes come true! “They’ll be hanging out, doing whatever, and then he’ll break into a freestyle rap hoping she joins in,” the source continues.

Boy, we’d love to be a fly on the wall for that! “Right now Nicki isn’t taking the bait — but what Nas wants, Nas gets!” We can think of one more possible reason for why the Trinidad-native hasn’t agreed to a collaboration yet, and it might be a shift in her priorities.

“She wants a successful husband and a growing family,” a different insider EXCLUSIVELY told us. “That being said, she’s getting impatient waiting for Nas to man up and be the guy she needs him to be.” Who cares about writing a song with your boyfriend when you could be making babies?!


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