Forget nude videos, black eyes, hair extensions, tattoos, horn implants and lewd lyrics__ gone are the days when any of the aforementioned would have landed you on the cover of the national tabloids and have tongues wagging for days.

Apparently it seems with every crop of new talent emerging in dancehall they are trying to outdo their predecessors by pushing the boundaries of what will be tolerated in the genre.

Being hardworking, talented, driven and armed with a good management team is clearly no longer the recipe for success and hence more up-and-comers are turning to shock value promotion to get noticed.

In recent times a new trend has been unfolding in dancehall with the wearing of nail polish by male entertainers, a practice considered taboo in Jamaica, despite its acceptance in other genres.

Dancehall artiste G-Starr, who is currently embroiled in a war of words with fellow entertainer Kranium recently posted a picture on Instagram in which he was obviously bragging about his new hairdo. Ironically, that was not what grabbed the attention of the masses, instead it was his pristinely polished pink fingernails that set off a firestorm of criticism.


Currently promoting the single ‘Rail Up’ with young singer Nefatari the upcoming artiste stated in a recent interview that he is not concerned with people’s opinion of him while adding that the trendy fingernails have gotten him and his music a lot of attention.

With many of today’s youths so easily influenced especially by Amercian culture, will this become the new accepted trend in dancehall or will militant gatekeepers such as Bounty Killer and Sizzla Kolanji intervene and put an end to this emerging situation.


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