On Sunday the story of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins began to go viral after it was reported that she was found dead in the freezer at the Rosemont Hotel.

Details about the incident are still emerging, and some new information has become available.
According to the Chicago Tribune, after a police report was filed an 11-hour search was conducted, which included all public areas and the ninth floor of the hotel, where Jenkins was last seen.

Gary Mack, a spokesman for the village of Rosemont, said around 3 or 4 pm Saturday police said they did not spot Jenkins on the hotel video footage. Around 6 pm family members returned to the hotel to knock on the room doors to see if any of the guests knew anything.

The hotel complained to the police, and one of the responding officers listened to the family’s situation and agreed to view the video footage once again. Around 10 pm on Saturday police notified Jenkins’ family members that they had spotted her on video from about 3:20 a.m. that day, “staggering” drunk near the front desk.

The family stayed at the hotel to around 1 am on Sunday when police informed them that they found Jenkins in the walk-in freezer.

 It’s not clear at the moment who located Jenkins’ body, but the hotel was doing some construction around the area where she was found. Martin said she was told the freezer that her daughter was found in was turned on and cold, but not being used to store food.

Martin is questioning Jenkins’ friends’ accounts as their “stories changed over and over.” She is also questioning the police’s account as well, saying if her daughter had been drunk, it would have been difficult for her to open the heavy freezer doors.


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