Well it seems as if every month there is a new TREND in Jamaica, last month we adapted to the #CharlieCharlie saga that basically took over the schools and home island wide but due to the demonic origin behind it the government has put a stop to it and perhaps we Jamaicans got bored and started another.

There is not an official name for this new trend as yet but in due time it will emerge and become popular within the island and also internationally.

For now we may hash tag it as #TeamGasTank until a more appropriate name has come forward, depending on the Gas Tank you may have it may be a difficult task so we recommend using a small empty gas tank. For some people they find this ridiculous but some take it very serious.


Now based on the image above, can you imagine finding yourself holding a Gas Tank and post it on social media ? if so and your a brave soul you may email your images to Paparazzija@gmail.com and they will be published on one of Jamaica’s popular fanpage on Facebook “Jamaican Trolling” just for some fun.

Leave all your comments below expressing your thoughts on this new upcoming trend, will it go viral or is it just plain stupid.


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