Over the years there have been a lot of crazy trends when it comes to beauty. But nothing may be more crazy than something permanent like getting your FACE tattooed. We’ve already heard about women getting eyebrows permanently added to their face, but now a new trend is taking it to the next level.


These days it seems like celebrities with freckles are all the rage. From Kylie Jenner to Alicia Keys, women with freckles are being celebrated for their exotic look.


A new trend is starting to emerge where woman are getting their face permanently tattooed with freckles and it seems to be catching a lot of steam.

According to several beauty sources, more and more women are seeking out the sun-kissed look and going to tattoo parlours to make it happen.


But some tattoo artists are speaking out against the trend as a bad idea. One recently told Elle magazine: “With freckles, you’re kind of putting splatters of light brown all over your face, so when it fades, its going to look like shadows – like you have blotchy skin.”


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