After years of waiting in agony and heartbreak, the family of 17 year old Khajeel Mais has only been left in turmoil after the man accused of murdering their son in a taxi walked free.

Patrick Powell walked free on October 24th after a prosecution could not adequately support their claims after their key witness changed his statement. Jamaicans were outraged.

Truth revealed: Khajeel Mais allegedly killed by Patrick Powell’s son

patrick-powellJust 24 hours after the end to the controversial case, there are allegations rising from the ash. Allegations from a source within the justice system has claimed that it was in fact, Patrick Powell’s 26 year old son, Jahnai Powell who committed the murder of Khajeel Mais.

Jahnai Powell had also been arrested 2011 after he and others were alleged to have crippled a man in 2009. The current allegations are that junior Powell is the one who shot and killed Khajeel Mais, but senior Powell took the blame as he knew it would be harder on his son, and it could not actually be proven that he was on the scene.


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