Things seemed to be coming out the closet more every day about the break up between Marvin and Nickeisha when New York went on her Instagram live to answer questions from her fans.
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Marvin cheated on Nickeisha with New York. Then New York found out Marvin was with her friend Maria Jade. New York left Marvin after and Maria Jade wanted nothing to do with him so he attempts to get back with Nickeisha but she keeps publicly turning him down.

Marvin and Maria Jade

New York revealed that Nikki texts Marvin every day. She says that Nikki gives the impression of wanting him back but when it comes to social media she makes him look like the bad person or desperate.

Marvin and New York

New York, however, said that she and Marvin weren’t anything serious and she broke up with him but remained friends. She also stated that she did pay his plane ticket to Las Vegas but it was out of courtesy.

Marvin and Nickeisha

She stated that she doesn’t want Marvin and she is actually encouraging him to go back to Jamaica to be with Nikki because they love each other.

This is more than a love triangle. What are your thoughts?



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