Nicki Minaj appears to be engaged to Meek Mill, as she flashed a gigantic diamond ring on her wedding finger in a series of new Instagram pics. What will Drake say??? It certainly looks like congrats may be in order.


Nicki Minaj may be officially off the market, as she flashed a huge diamond ring in two Instagram pics on Dec. 9, just one day after her 33rd birthday. She even thanked her main man, Meek Mill, and said, “Now this is what I’m talking about baby.” See the ring here!

Now, it’s possible that Meek just gave Nicki the ring as a general birthday present, but it sure looks like an engagement ring to us! And it might even be bigger than Kim Kardashian‘s.


We’re totally in love with this new development in Nicki’s life, but we’re not all that surprised that Meek put a ring on it, as Beyonce would say. Just two weeks ago, Meek was caught staying at Nicki’s incredible cleavage, when she wore a low-cut dress to the American Music Awards.


But regardless of her large breasts, Nicki is a catch! We’re happy Meek finally asked her to marry him, if in fact, they’re actually engaged. But we do feel bad for Drake, who has always had a thing for the “Anaconda” rapper. He and Meek actually got into a feud with each other not too long ago, and it was instigated by their mutual affection for her

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