For weeks now it’s been rumoured that Nicki Minaj was working on getting pregnant. The 34-year-old rapper has no children – and has been having “baby fever” for the past year.

Well yesterday, Nicki CONFIRMED the rumors – she tweeted out a baby Emoji:

So who’s the father? Well according to our Nicki Minaj snitch – there is ONLY ONE man that could have fathered the child – rapper NAS. The insider explains, “Nicki is not a THOT – she is very responsible about who she gives out the BOX to. It’s only Nas.”

Expect Nicki to be a SINGLE MOTHER though. As reported two weeks ago, Nas “ended things” with Nicki – when he decided things were moving TOO FAST.

Congrats are in order for Nicki and Nas.


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