just CONFIRMED – that Nicki Minaj is pregnant, with her partner MEEK MILLS baby. This is not rumor, it’s FACTS!!

We spoke with TWO independent sources, who were RIGHT BESIDE Nicki on Sunday night at the Chris Brown concert. We’re told that Nicki drank NO ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER – and was sucking on special lollipops, that are designed to stop nausea in pregnant women, called “pregnancy pops”.


One EXTREMELY reliable insider (a celeb) told us, “Nicki is definitely pregnant. She was glowing and smiling with her friends. She was sucking on a “pregnancy pop” so I know she’s pregnant.”

Congratulations are in order for Nicki and Meek. We love them two as a couple . . . and wish them ALL THE BEST with their new family. Imagine how LYRICALLY NICE their kid will be . . . if he or she grows up to be a rapper.

This is a exclusive – which contains nothing but #FACTS#. If you use ANYTHING in this report, you MUST credit


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