Damn! Fresh off one of the biggest loses of her career, Serena Williams just got her ego bruised a little more by Nicki Minaj.

Rumors went swirling that Williams and Drake are officially together after pictures of them making out leaked online… apparently Nicki, (who has been having a war of her own Drake after he revealed he slept with her in 2012) wasn’t having it, and decided to step in and set the record straight saying “He only wants you, because he can’t have me!”


“Nicki’s not one to throw shade, but she sees Drake out there, flirting with Serena. Nicki thinks it’s cute.

It’s about time a woman gave him a chance. But Serena should know that the only reason Drake’s with her is because he can’t have Nicki.

Nicki’s just calling it like it is. Drake likes strong, powerful and intelligent women, who are thick with a big bubble butt. And since he can’t have the body goddess, Queen Nicki herself, he’s going after the next best thing.

Everybody knows Nicki’s body is the best in the business. Her butt has it’s own zip code. And those curves and thighs on her have hypnotized men all over the world. No shade to Drake and his new girl though. Nicki just wants him to know she can’t be replaced,” a source told HollywoodLife.com

It seems like Nicki wan’t trying to throw shade, but it definitely came off that way. Only time will tell if the romance between Drake and Serena will last after comments that Williams is playing second fiddle to Nicki emerged.


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