Paparazzi Jamaica has just learnt that Nicki’s dream 2016 wedding has been postponed by Meek, as he now has some reconsidering to do.

The 33 year old female rapper had fooled the world again with an engagement ring, only to reveal that she was not engaged. But she however didn’t hesitate to announce that she was definitely marrying Meek in 2016.

A source revealed that Meek, 28, is to do a lot of reconsideration and doubting about marrying Nicki after she reveals that she could not produce any kids.

“This is a big draw back for Meek” a source reveals. “He was really looking forward to that family with Nicki” he added.

“Apart from that, he feels betrayed by her, because she just reveals this news after making such big plans for a future together” the source said.

The source also said that Nicki had tied her tubes since 2012, in the act of not ruining that body the worked so hard for.

“Nicki feels bad about this, and is trying to negotiate things with Meek” the source said.

The couple is still together. But will they work it out? Meek now has a lot of thinking to do.

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